Medical and Pharma talent war

There are manifold challenges that Pharma and HealthCare industries are facing these days. Due to reforms in Medical segments and modifications in technology and policies, there are several gaps which are arising between the process holders, regulatory bodies and even with the customers’ expectations.

Among all, one of the most crucial challenges is the dearth of new talents. This is affecting not only the current scenario but will mark a vacuum in the future of these industries in India. In a stage of inadequateness, what strategy should be proposed in a place to pull up new or best employees? This update gives some light on the right strategy for the medical and pharma talent war:

Employee management – is it efficient enough?

Healthcare and Pharma industries are one of the delicate domains in our society as they address the “Patients”. No means of mistakes can be allowed here. From The formulation, manufacturing, clinical trials to labeling and marketing, there can’t be any negligence.   So selecting qualified people who would be responsible for all these activities is of foremost importance.It’s always advisable to retain and utilize existing resources whoare already accustomed and aware of the organization’s culture and have been trained and specialized in their segments. . There are certain loopholes in the talent management while positioning the internal candidates. Employees who are been taken for a position “A” aren’t in every occasion ready to take up the functions of the A+1 Position. The power of employee is often not supervised or judged properly to find whether they are capable of carrying the responsibility they are been assigned to.. Hiring is far too strategic to be left to opportunity.

Taking outside resource is not a simple thing: With the objective to grow, organization requires expertise, in spite of the fact that hiring from outside is more challenging it does have various advantages as new and fresh entrant brings new initiatives, best work practices and deal challenges with new thoughts. Employees are only too mindful of their value on the market therefore don’t make a special attempt to be simply identified by hiring people.

In order that identifying talent who are inactive on job portals, social networks, aiming for external help is evidently the least risky root. When a position released out for a recruiter, the department generally provides keywords, especially in the medical and pharma segment these keywords can be very specific.It indicates how useful or demanding and how practical this type of hiring can be.

Branding what’s its value:

It’s very much required to create the brand image of the company as a better place to work, grow and prospect, to attract the right Talent. The candidates might be having multiple offers in hand to decide before joining. One of the most important factors for them is the Brand which they will be selecting as their growth aspect. The employer brand is the sum of all respects connected with the organization, what job seekers comprehend as its culture and it will matter a lot when there is a situation for the jobseekers to come for a conclusion. Practicing a transparent hiring process and communicating the strong organization’s values are the most indisputable strategy of succeeding in the medical and pharmaceutical talent war.

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