World Polio Day

24th Oct 2015

End Polio Now: Make History Today


Stop Transmission of POLIO

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This should be the ultimate message for medical staff to public. This can be done only by joining hands from medical, paramedical, government and public.

Staff can play a big role in this polio eradication.

Staff has to be motivated to carry out polio campaign on weekly basis. They should be given a freehand to carry out campaign in their own way.

For example they should be given a vaccine kit, a banner written STOPOLIO STOP TRANSMISSION OF POLIO with a big colorful picture of polio affected child and to be kept with them always and they can organize a camp any where any time on weekly basis at point of gatherings like public community halls, malls, schools, social and religious gatherings, railway stations and bus stands etc. Specifically rural staff has to be encouraged to this campaign at root level. Rural areas are very important to eradicate polio. For this staff has to be rewarded with good amount of money who organizes these camps. This definitely boosts their energy. This way staff will be very happy with additional income. They work more efficiently. Only one staff has to be given charge of one big area with good incentives. This will boost them to perform better and successfully.

Even a single staff can handle around 100 to 200 children in one day camp. This is only drops and not injections. Health groups are working towards wiping out polio throughout the world, and much progress has been made. But several countries still have polio circulating, which means that the virus could occur in others. If the polio virus reaches a country where not enough people have been immunized, it could spread from person to person, as has happened in some countries in Africa and Asia. So until it has been eliminated worldwide, it’s important to continue vaccinating kids against polio.

Provide health teachings regarding scheduled immunization activity to enhance the awareness of community and motivate them to adhere with the campaigns.

Strategies to find and map every child can be applied to other public health initiatives. While a staff in a remote village can mix polio campaign with other health campaigns while they are there. For example, polio can be given alongside vitamin A campaigns as vitamin A gives a general boost to immunity.

The world can be freed of the threat of polio – with everyone’s commitment, from parent to government worker and political leader to the international community.

Written by

Dr. Ahmed Hussain