Without a doubt, people across the India accord those medical services, biopharmaceutical stands with biggest challenges -are humanness.

The developing countries are crumpling under impels of raising populations, un addressed medical needs and irrupting medical costs. For example in our country we combat to equipoise the medical services/medicines cost, accessibility of the medical services, quality of the healthcare services and reach and availability of qualified professionals.

HarNeedi.com as a jobsite- India healthcare and pharma profession – wants to put up possible efforts to address the some of the challenges.

To find out if biopharma and medical professionals and industries in India would follow on-line platform to better their professional outcomes, with this motto we introduced an exclusive industry talent bank for pharma and healthcare in 2008. From then it’s a lively, cheerful and joyful journey for us. The reaction from drug research scientists to paramedical professionals has been so encouraging that we conceive we have determined the way to open up ‘talent bank ’ which a great deal leaves in dearly-won and often pernicious outcomes for pharma ,bio and medical care players also qualified professionals across the India.

Our main theme – gifting Para medical professional to Nurse, General Practitioner to Specialist doctors and associating to Phrama, Biotech and Medical companies.

As a jobsite for healthcare and biopharma, our mission to ‘endow biopharma and qualified medical professionals’ by furnishing them with rightful opportunities, access to peer advice, knowledge sharing, latest happening, and advances in the profession. A more informed professional is better placed to take right decision and it subsequently ensues in overall ameliorated care.

We concentrate on peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange with our initiatives, knowledge sharing to improve outcomes. Running with highly trust and security measures accessible exclusively for drug research, drug developers, drug producers, drug regulators, medical practitioners, and non clinical professionals putting up real-time talks, sharing and interaction in medicine, drug research, clinical and non-clinical practices, current medical news and all other possible ways.

Paichat-konnexionApparently, we are in the midst of a commoving here and now for our company and biopharma and medical industry. We have just established to call off the top of eternal hypotheses. We are just away to prime line and we aiming to make HarNeedi.com – most prominent and fastest growing jobsite for Indian biopharma, clinical and non clinical professionals and we are the highly engaged service partner for Indian biopharma, clinical and non clinical professionals. A few areas we addressed from our platform:

Healthcare care wise:

Addressing 20 plus states, major medical & sub specialties specialists – successfully handled challenges of – Anesthesiologists, biochemists, cardiologists, duty doctors, dermatologists, endocrinologists, ENT specialists, gastroenterologists, hematologists, immunologist, neurologists, nephrologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, pathologists, pulmonologists, pharmacologists, physiotherapists, radiologists, registrars, urologists,venerologists also a highly specialized care to the surgical medicine areas cardiothoracic surgeons, invasive cardiac surgeons, dentists, endocrine surgeons, general surgeons, gastro surgeons, gynaec and obstricticians, neuro surgeons, ophthalmic surgeons, onco-surgeons, thoracic surgeons

Pharma and Bio wise – Maintaining good number of Talents:

Analytical/synthetic research professionals, area sales managers, account managers, bioanalytical professionals , biotechnologists, brand managers, clinical trial specialists, clinical data management specialists, data analysts, data scientists, drug regulators, drug researchers, formulation science specialists, intellectual property science professionals, medical writers, microbiologists, medical Representatives, marketing specialists, pharmacologists, pharmacists, professional sales representatives, pharmacovigilance specialists, project managers, product managers, quality control/quality assurance officers, literature science specialists, scientific writers and we helped lot of other professionals like: Biomedical engineers,cath lab technicians, CSSD technicians, dental assistants, emergency medicine technicians, lab technicians, MRI technicians, perfusionists, phlebotomists, radiology technicians, TMT technicians, sonography technicians, nurse, staff nurse, nurse superintendents.

HarNeedi.com provides an exclusive entry to specialized targets, unique and true solutions on sensings, attitudes and demeanors of the pharma, biotech and healthcare community. The professionals and industry players benefit from specialized, forward-thinking, communicational possibilities that can repel best-in-class kinship-customer tailored solutions, sharings and insights. Our aim is to help companies to metamorphose their interpretation of the business model into actionable programs that yield with prominent outcomes and introducing the industry professionals to the right career opportunities.