Over the past 4 to 5 years, the global economy has gone through a riotous transformation due to this situation the companies that are functioning today are characterized by unpredictability, uncertainty, equivocalness and complexity. The Indian economic system has also not stayed insulated from the financial upheaval that the various countries that are experiencing currently; most of Indian industries have also falling behind and organizational decision-making is noticed by carefulness currently. In these situations, the Human Resources profession in Indian scenario has various daunting challenges to face in the coming years. Human resource department (HR) has the role of unifying of ethnical practices, policies, procedures; unity gets together the ethnical presence of a company. HR’s have switched from time to time, and they have been called up by various names dependant on core roles; According to the industry sources till the 1960s, HR department was a personnel department, which transmuted into an administration, training role ( in 1990s) and currently HR functions are changed over to strategical business partnerships. With the global industrial revolution, the Indian market hitting up its grandness currently, at the same time the industry challenges cannot be disregarded, they have in fact become demanding attention and valuable to organization’ growth. The below specified are a few top challenges of HR department currently:

Reconnoitering talent and trained employees at industry level:

Be it Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Insurance, Automobile, Telecom and etc there is acute shortage of talent and trained manpower. Engagement of unqualified workforce both private and public segments can found to be an unsuccessful events as engaging of unqualified workforce will yield to be or cause to poor job and poor quality. According to the few industry sources, the Indian healthcare industry is set to grow from the present $40 billion to approx., $280 billion by 2020. Despite anything to the contrary, owing to the lack of high productive or good healthcare institutes, there is a lack of talented workforce in healthcare management and administration in India. The solution for this situation lies in improvement current education system or reformation of education system in India; an affiliation among the Indian government and corporate.

Aim to up bring the untrained workforce:

Almost every company expends half of its human resource budget on learning or training and development division. The return on investment (ROI) is however assessed quite rarely by many organizations. When a new employee(s) are inducted or joined with the organization, training them for the job and also lining up them culturally with the organization is a gigantic task for any company. Today’s industries are required to analyze themselves on the employee performance levels as there is a lot of variance between good performers and experts. Therefore, training the ‘coachable’ is a very crucial task and more so not easy thing to pitching them behaviorally.

Bettering banalities:

Employees coming from various academic, professional, personal backgrounds, place different perceptions about the infrastructure, systems, policies, work environment. As very responsible department a human resource professionals are required to build highly agreeable corporate environment to meet the maximum expectations of the various employees.

Identifying the right mindsets:

In today’s global world, it is HR professional’s prime responsibility to produce platforms for identification and recognition of the right mindsets within the organization and thus organization can obtain preferred results.


The challenge and problems faced of various organizations Pharma, healthcare, manufacturing and etc diversity can be moved around to a strategic organizational asset; if a company or HR professional are in a position to draw advantages on this melting pot of diverse workforces such as employees of diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, generations, education and etc a company can react to business opportunities more quickly and in a creative manner, especially in the current global space. Therefore, a human resource professional required to be very attentive and have to employ think global, act local methods for an accurate system.

Business partner ships:

For long HR functions have been observed as a support function in many industries, currently HR activities are the time for practitioners and human resource professionals there to understand the business processes, its objectives and strategically ordinate the processes with it. For this reason, it is very essential for HR professional to a move closely with the higher management; now the growing role of Human resource as a HR business partner is demanding in many industries.

Committed workforce Vs. Change management:

  • For organizational change that implies
  • New actions
  • New objectives
  • New processes for a group of team members; use effectively various workshops to attain understanding of what’s causing the change. By doing this way we can get involve committed or dedicated employees in the process.

Creating safe work environment:

In addition the finance and audit compliances, HR’s challenge is to keep a high propriety in manners, conduct and safety in the organization, in view of mental well being, and physical well being of the organization. Therefore, Human resource professionals while moving to the core of businesses operations should cater to the ever-changing needs of employees and economy.