Since ancient times Meditation has been a practice that has proven the term “mind over matter”. It is believed that saints in the ancient times had mastered this art of mind over body/matter and possessed extra ordinary powers, which surpassed ordinary human limits, they could live for days restricting diet. Meditation brings about benefits not only to ones physical fitness, but also helps in psychological well being. Instead of relying on dietary pills and hard tiresome and costly exercise equipments, which have enormous, dangerous side effects. Then why to go after these options when we have cost effective, simple and easily accessible technique, why not consider using powerful imagery or visualization techniques with meditation for weight loss and dieting.

It has been proven time and again that what we are imagining right now will be what life gives us in the future. When you use meditation for weight-loss, imagine yourself having the ideal figure of your desire. See yourself in the shop windows as the slim, healthy individual, full of life and energy. Feel yourself running along the beach, enjoying the wonders of nature and the bounce of energy in your feet as you run.

Often people make up their mind for weight loss, restricting their diet, using the latest diet fad, slimming pills, rigorous exercise and obesity treatments they work hard to fit themselves into that slot, and after not being able to cope with the stress of continuing, finally they are filled with doubts and they break up in just couple of days.


There are even people who have started the seven day GM Diet plan and have conceived defeat at day one succumb to the hunger and lure for food, after everything looking like a challenging monster in front of them and decide to be way they are and say, “better be over weight” and let there be some chunk of flesh attached to their tummies.

If we watch the people around us, we will see how an average person is struggling with weight loss. Obesity and the desire to eat too much have been ingrained in us psychologically since we were young, when we were spoon-fed by our mothers or grand parents. When we were young, our loved ones comforted us with ice cream or candy, so- called comfort foods that help us gain weight, and that keeps on increasing, until one fine day we realize that we have grown out of proportion and are no more like normal people, able to perform normal activities.

Meditation will help you feel relaxed, increase your self-awareness, so you’re less likely to give in to emotional eating when you’re practicing meditation. The most important aspect may be incorporating non-judgemental awareness into eating. To reach any target, such as weight loss, positive visualization can play an important part. Practicing meditation 10 minutes a day can help you achieve that goal.

There are many means that help you focus your mind and aid you in meditation. Once you are in a relaxed state, you can visualize yourself having the ideal weight you yearn for. You will be able to see yourself playing the sports that you’ve always wanted to but the lacked the stamina or energy. You still see choosing healthy food as an opportunity, rather than a punishment. Your outlook towards life will be positive than ever before and things will go your way smoothly as desired.

Combining meditation and imagery is one of the most powerful mind-body techniques and once you master the technique you will become the person you want to be. But remember; whilst you must not ignore exercise completely, just be aware that meditation for weight loss is definitely worth your consideration. Many people from all walks of life have had amazing and lasting benefits.

What are the other benefits Meditation?

In-fact People decide to learn meditation for varied reasons. Some learn meditation to relax and relieve stress, while others learn meditation to lose weight or cure addictive behaviours like smoking, alcohol, naturally without the use of prescribed drugs. Yet others want to be more productive at work or achieve better grades in their studies. Many others learn meditation to alleviate many stress related illnesses like hypertension. Some learn meditation to find inner peace and happiness, while others just want to be more in touch with their spiritual self.

A few minutes of meditation in our lives is really worthwhile, Celebrities, professional sports people and many successful business people enjoy wonderful benefits in their lives because they all meditate. Many employers are providing courses for their employees to learn meditation in order to reduce the number of staff falling ill and low morale.

Facts speak for themselves. Statistics show that people who practice meditation have marked improvements in their mental and physical health. Clinical studies show that meditation helps lower blood pressure, reduces anxiety, cures insomnia, lowers respiratory rates and reduce depression. It is because of these findings that more and more doctors are recognizing the therapeutic benefits of meditation and are suggesting that their patients learn meditation.

There are many different types and techniques for people who decide to learn meditation. There are varied ways via which one can learn meditation by means of CDs, videos, books and expert classes and costs vary accordingly.