Baby Walkers Dangerous Choice

Baby Walkers Dangerous Choice:

Parents are always eager to encourage their baby’s development, and they would do all what to support their child’s growth and development, Parents would buy all the products and stuff that are available in the market, one such product that may be tempting to use is a baby walker, saucers or infant carrier. One may find them in various shapes, styles and colour but they aren’t the right thing to be gifted your baby, they are dangerous piece of equipment, that can cause fatal injuries and serious developmental problems, These are considered dangerous to such and extent that walkers are considered illegal in some countries as the American Academy of Paediatrics has recommended a ban on walkers since year 1995, but the same may be found available at private sales. The major reasons cited for such a ban was due to possibility of fatal injuries and delayed development.

A walker supports the baby in a seat on a frame with wheels, and baby’s feet dangle underneath so that they contact the floor such that the baby can push the cart. Thus supported, Baby can move forward by moving his/her feet. Though Walkers seem to allow the baby to practice walking, hence one may ask a question, what is the problem with using walkers?

There are two major concerns raised by American Academy of Paediatrics was injuries and delayed development. With regard to injuries the point raised was based on several reports of injuries, babies have all too frequently rolled themselves down stairs or to dangerous locations such as the stove, where many have been burned and fatally injured.

Research also shows that excessive amounts of time in a walker can also lead to delayed, not advanced, motor development. A baby while being on a walker allows the baby to make walking “errors” that don’t result in a fall. On a walker the baby will not be able to practice those fine movements that are needed for balancing or for protecting oneself when falling, and this delays development, the use of a baby walker not only increases the possibility of injury and also adversely affects the motor development in babies. As with most skills, learning to walk is aided by the making of mistakes, and baby walkers remove the connection between those mistakes and their informative consequences.

Though there are some who believe that the least harmful time to introduce walkers is after your baby can pull to stand independently, using his leg and back muscles. Even then, they should be used for only 10-15 minutes at a time. Many parents prefer walkers not because it’s convenient for the baby but rather convenient for them. Most of the baby’s, who are used to walker, miss their crawling and this might hinder the motor development and in turn affect the child growth and development. If you send your child for baby-sitting, suggest them not to use a walker.

Finally choice is yours, the researches suggest the natural way and if you go against the natural phenomenon, considering the style and convenience, it’s your child at risk.

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