Too much TV or Computer - Shorten your Life

Four hours in front of Computers or Televisions… You are risking your Life!:

The technological advancements has changed our lives a lot, to an extent where the changes have become irreversible in our lives, most of us can’t even imagine changing our current life style, which is dominated by the visual media, especially in this era of visual media which has become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. Can we imagine a life without Televisions, Computers and other forms of visual media gadgets?

Computers and televisions have revolutionized homes, workplaces and while traveling, many of us stick to the desktop PC or a laptop or the new generation of wide screen mobile phones or so called smart phones.

The Researchers at the University College of London have recently found that people who work on computers or watch television for four or more hours a day are at risk 125 times more than those who spend less time and they are more likely to suffer a major heart problem, often leading to death, than those who spend two hours or less.

That’s an emergency alarm for all those who spend time working on a computer. To make things even worse, the study also found a 48 percent increase in deaths from any cause among people who spent too much time sitting in front of computers, staring at a screen, researchers even say that, even exercise could not make up for the damage caused.

The reasons for a cardiac event according to the researchers is mainly due to, the inflammation and metabolic problems caused by long periods of inactivity could be to blame for the increased risks; prolonged immobility could cause a 90 per cent reduction in a vital enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, that helps prevent heart disease.

Senior researcher Dr Emmanuel, who led the study, stated that the study analysis showed up that two or more hours of screen time each day may place someone at greater risk for a cardiac event. People who spend excessive amounts of time in front of a screen are more likely to die of any cause and suffer heart-related problems.”

The researchers have advised people who work in front of a computer to reduce their risk by taking breaks for a brief walk every 20 minutes.

Dr Emmanuel said: “Standing and moving about results in at least 50 per cent more energy expenditure than sitting down so such approaches may also be very promising for tackling the obesity epidemic.

Heart disease and poor health in general is not only the result of high cholesterol, diets high in fat, smoking and low exercise; current work culture and lifestyles are also to be blamed. On basis of research study though we alone can’t change the work culture but we can definitely change the way we work.

A totally feasible and realistic restructuring of the workplace and home environments can easily convert long periods of time during the workday that currently are strictly sedentary into a mixture of sitting, standing and light intensity activity. That would help individuals move around and avert immobility, which is the main cause of all major health problems.

We can perform simple stretching exercises while being at our work places. Stretching your arms, legs, neck and body while sitting. This will help prevent you from feeling stiff and avoid being arrested in middle age.

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