Magnetic opportunities for Indian Pharma:

Indian medicine companies are presented with attractive growth opportunities because of consolidation of global generics, according to Moody’s Investors Service (American ratings, research, and risk analysis firm).

Drug producers here exhibit stronger business profiles compared to global peers due to their geographic diversity and strong product pipeline for developed markets, states the firm’s latest report, “Indian Pharmaceutical Companies – A Deep Dive”.

The report also states that the Indian drug makers may explore and benefit from some overseas Merger &acquisition (M&A) on the back of consolidation of global generics. Large promoter ownerships may dissuade M&A activity domestically, it adds.

“The global pharmaceutical industry is undergoing consolidation, driven by a desire for product and pipeline diversity, scale and pricing power,” states the report. “Historical acquisitions have been small in the Indian pharma sector, but this is changing.”

Indian drug makers have grown their global presence over several years and now operate in diverse regulated and unregulated markets, according to the report. Investments in R&D are expected to ramp up as companies start targeting complex generics, biosimilars and niche specialty drugs, the report adds.

“When compared with their global counterparts, Indian pharmaceutical companies have stronger financial profiles with low leverage and high coverage metrics,” According to Mood’s report.

Pharma companies here exhibit good geographic diversity, with a focus on developed markets — in particular, the “extremely lucrative” but “highly competitive” US market, Moody’s report states.

However, a rising number of adverse findings by the US FDA over the last few years have hurt their US sales and caused disruptions in their supplies, the report added. But, the Indian generics market is still the 2nd largest in the world even though it contributed to only 1% of the global pharmaceutical market, which was valued at $1,068.8 billion last year. It is an extremely fragmented market, with the largest player accounting for 8.8% of the total Indian pharma market valued between $12-15 billion last year, according to the report.

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