Parivartan @ Healthcare Union Budget

Parivartan, Utsaahit, Swachh Bharat – These were the 3 major agendas put forward by the Finance Minister (FM), Sri Arun Jaitley while presenting the 2017 union budget. This update brings union budget highlights pertains the healthcare sector. Keeping the above framework in mind, the FM was then seen spotlighting targets of riddance for many diseases from India over the coming few years

  • Elimination of Kala Azar,
  • Elimination of Filariasis – 2017
  • Elimination of Leprosy – 2017
  • Elimination of Measels -2020
  • Elimination of Tuberculosis B by 2025 has also been targeted

Besides this major targets diminution of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) were highlighted as IMR from 39/1000 in 2014 to 28/1000 in 2019 MMR- 167 in 2011-13 to 100 in 2018-20.

1.5 lakh health sub centres will be transmuted into health wellness centres. It is a known fact that the availability of qualified healthcare professionals – Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and other support care professionals – is totally submissive. Furthermore, the shortage becomes glaringly seeable when it comes to super-specialties.

To ensure good number medical specialists and to strength the secondary and tertiary medical care, the Finance minister Arun Jaitley was seen announcing to take to footmarks to make additional 5000 Post Graduate (PG) seats per annum.

Steps will be taken to

  • Start Diplomate of National Board (DNB) programs in big district hospitals
  • Tone up Post Graduation (PG) training in selected ESIC and Municipal Corporation hospitals and
  • Encourage esteemed private hospitals to take up DNB programs, the FM proclaimed that the central government would work with the state government to take this task forward.

Union budget was seen highlighting the Govt. of India’s commitment to bring into place reclaims in the medical education as was previously spotlit by the Niti Ayog appointed committee.

Needless to say, this touches to the about to occur National Medical Commission Bill (A bill to create a world-class medical education) very soon it is to be introduced in the parliament. 

Two new the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have been proposed, these are going to come up in the Jharkhand and Gujrat.

Also, the finance minister was seen spotlighting the government’s effort to ascertain the availability of medicines and major medical devices to the patients at fairish prices. For the same, the budget has spotlighted couple of developments.

New rules for medical devices will be devised; these new rules would be international harmonized and pull in investment to medical device sector.

Govt., of India, going to amend the Drug and Cosmetic rules to see to it the availableness of medicines at affordable prices.

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