Ways to Increase your Energy, Focus and Productivity for Employees

Focusing at Productivity..!

Managers have the challenges of employing, training, motivating and engaging employees, all in the view of concentrating and enhancing organization productivity and eventually profitability of organization. The process for getting higher employee productivity can be complex thing, as each employee can have different level of skill sets, interest and different level of motivations. Small business managers should ply both all-embracing and individualized programs to enhance heighten employee motivation, engagement and productivity.

First Step:

Work with employees to set specific job goals. The goal-setting process communicates expectations and includes employees in overall company goals. Goals should include more than productivity measures to be most effective. Managers should help an employee set goals for training and personal growth as well as job performance. This investment in employee growth will increase job productivity by allowing the employee to grow personally as well as in the individual’s current position.

Second Step:

Review employee goals on a regular manner; continuous review helps the employee stand on path with the initial goals and can help find out causes for productivity gaps. Common reasons for low productivity can be

  • Lack of job role clarity or
  • Poor workflow processes,
  • Lack of training as well as employee motivation

Frequent review can play up these issues more quickly, letting management to provide employee support to increase productivity.

Third Step:

Provide continuous feedback on behaviours and performance can have both immediate and corroborated effects on productivity. Finding of positive lines of resource performance has the effect of reinforcing productivity outcomes. In dealing negatives of resources performance, managers can engage with resources to take possible actions and improve performance.

Fourth Step:

Pass along incentives for effective productivity to all resources. Organization wide employee recognition initiatives can be functioning effectively; these incentives can be designed on profitability or other revenue measures. Small and medium players with imbrications job roles can benefit most from wide-scale incentives. Bigger companies may prefer to provide both organizations wide as well as individualized incentive structure based on targeted departmental goals.

Fifth Step:

In addition to financial incentives, non financial rewards to employee’s plays good role like paid time off, recognition through employee newsletters, written acknowledgements can increase employee productivity.

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