German Biotech Sector has developed to World Class Technology

The biotech industry in Germany reached new levels of maturity when compared to the previous years, both the number of employees and the revenues generated by the sector increased markedly. Germany is home to more biotech companies than any other country in Europe. The latest figures show nearly 500 dedicated biotechnology firms in the country, over 20 of which are listed on the stock exchange. Two out of every five dedicated biotech companies in the country have secured venture capital financing, while more than a third benefit from public grants or subsidies. R&D expenditure in 2005 exceeded 700 million euros. German biotech companies have everything you need to create value on a high quality level.” Comparing business conditions for biotech companies in Germany and the United States. Germany has significantly lower operating costs.” The panelists agreed that the cost advantages in Germany are particularly noticeable for companies involved in conducting clinical trials.

According to a noted scholar and researcher “The biotechnology industry in German is completely undervalued “. For a scientist like Simon Moroney, hoping to swap academia for industry, moving to Germany in the early 1990s was a risky move. With strict laws hindering drug research and strong public opposition to genetic engineering, German biotechnology seemed dead before it even started. Fifteen years later and it’s not just the beer and bratwurst that entice British scientists to follow in Moroney’s footsteps, but an impressive hub of biotechnology. Germany’s biotechnology industry is actively seeking international investors to leverage opportunities in Europe’s largest biotech market. With generous public and private-sector support, cooperation is being encouraged particularly in the fields of health and medicine, industrial biotech and nano-biotechnology.

The paces of improvement, continuing investment and its position at the forefront of research are all good reasons for career-minded foreign researchers in industry or academia to look favourably on Germany. “There are opportunities to work at the cutting edge with high quality, committed colleagues.” Germany now has more biotech companies than any other European country, and although firms tend to be small – with almost half employing fewer than 10 people – industry analysts predict the sector’s turnover will exceed 1 billion this year. The country is also near the top of the international league when it comes to the number of compounds in the drug pipeline. It even has its own biotech “fairy godfather”, in the form of software billionaire Dietmar Hopp, who is investing millions in the industry.

Government spending on research and development is now running at a healthy 2.5 per cent of GDP, with a substantial slice of that directed towards biotech and pharmaceutical research. The number of biotech companies now hovers around 500. The sector has really recovered a lot.” What’s more, in July the government announced a four-year 800 million incentive to further strengthen the country’s pharma research, and this funding has been matched by equal commitment from biotech firms. German Biotech Sector has developed to World Class Technology applied genomics and proteomics, molecular medicine, nano technology More than 340 Core Biotech Companies with more than 10.000 Employees with Strong Governmental Support with programs like BioFutur, BioChance PLUS etc.

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