Drug Resistant Bugs – Superbugs

Bugs are back…?

Its one of the shocking revelation of all times researchers in the healthcare sector, have expressed their concern over the new deadly strain of bacteria that is completely resistant to almost all of the known new generation antibiotics, they have said that they have run out of antibiotics that that can be used against these super bugs, these bugs are resistant to some of the most powerful antibiotics. Its the New Delhi Bacteria or New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase (NDM-1).

Although there have only been a few cases identified and reported in the UK, USA, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh so far, but, scientists fear it will go global making it a pandemic, with newer strains making it more deadly and difficult to be treated, If so, that would be disastrous to the human race.

Tight surveillance and new drugs are needed to safe guard says the researchers In the Lancet Infectious diseases paper. Research also says that the bacteria that make an enzyme called New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1 or the NDM-1 deceives the incoming antibiotic thereby becoming resistant.

Studies show that the NDM-1 can exist inside different bacteria’s like E-coli, a common source of Community-acquired urinary tract infections, and K. pneumoniae, which is impervious to all antibiotics and the NDM-1 makes them resistant to one of the most powerful groups of antibiotics-Carbapenems. These group of antibiotics were generally reserved for use in emergencies and to combat hard-to-treat infections caused by other multi-resistant bacteria, experts fear NDM-1 could now jump to other strains of bacteria that are already resistant to many other antibiotics and potentially this could produce dangerous infections that would spread rapidly from person to person and be almost impossible to treat.

Researchers warn that the emergence of this new drug-resistant strains could become a serious global public health problem as the major threat shifts toward a broad class of bacteria, including those armed with the NDM-1 gene considered to be “Gram-negative”, Also studies reveal that there are very few new Anti-Gram-negative antibiotics in the development stage and none that effective against NDM-1. Which makes it further more lethal and alarming issue to be tackled across the continents.

With already blame on India for the new drug resistant strain of bacteria, this would be a major set back for the Indian medical tourism Industry, which enjoys a major share of patients from the European and American continents. Mr. Johann Pitout from the University of Calgary in Canada in a statement said that, patients who have undergone medical procedures in India and Pakistan should be screened for multi-resistant bacteria before they receive care in their home country.

However New Delhi has briskly refuted all allegations, condemned and expressed its grievance, for associating New Delhi with the nomenclature of this deadly new strain of bacteria. Also stated that this strain of bacteria is not only seen in India but also in Britain, USA, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries.

Amidst all allegation and counter allegation its time for some serious thought and unified action to be taken by the world nations and global healthcare communities to fight this menace and find comprehensive solutions rather indulging in controversial matters and making things worse for the existence of human race.

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